Palanca letter to my student


God has a plan for you, my beautiful, smart and extremely talented niece. I knew it from the very minute you came into this world. Just precious. You changed my life at that very moment. I spent almost every night at your house for the first six months of your life.

I think your dad was probably sick of seeing me, but your mom would hand you to me and then go wash her floors or do laundry or other things. She was happy I was there. You fit there so perfectly. I used to look down at you while I fed you your bottle and talk to you about where life would take you. And dream about all the things God had planned for you, my tiny niece. Staying true to your faith will guide you and comfort you as you begin your new journey.

And with every difficult decision you encounter along the way, find a quiet place and talk it over with God. He will give you the right answer. Always believe, Megan. Always believe deep inside of you that God will protect you and guide you.

God has something wonderful planned for you. I was there for so many of your firsts, Megan. Your first steps, your first words. Your first tears and your first giggles. You used to giggle at so many things — especially your little dog Barney. Or your bouncy chair. Even as you got older — I was there to see your accomplishments, awards, ceremonies and recognitions. I am so proud of you, Megan. We would go to the mall on the weekends. I remember one trip to the mall where I bumped your head by accident on one of the metal clothing stands in Lazarus department store.

I cried with you, because I hurt you. I remember holding you close and rubbing the little red mark on your head.

palanca letter to my student

I told you I was sorry and you smiled.Hahabol ako sa pagtatapos ng first week of classes. Pero bago ang lahat, kaunting kwento lang tungkol sa mga mababasa niyong palanca letters. Yun nga rin pala ang isang purpose ng palanca letters, magpaiyak. Tapusin na natin para mabasa mo na ang kanina ko pang ibinibidang liham ng mga magulang ko. Love you, Li-an! We will not be around forever and what we want is for you to be the person God wants you to be.

We, as parents, are proud for having you as our daughter. We really thank God for you. Never, never forget God. May He be your constant partner in life. John — For without Him, we can do nothing.

How Does Someone Write a Palanca Letter?

For with Him, you will not fail. Always pray, believe and keep on trusting God. Laging maging mabuting ate sa mga kapatid. Laging magmahalan at magbigayan. Praise God, mabait at masunurin kang anak. Wala kaming naging suliranin o problema sa iyo. Nagbibigay ka ng kaluguran at kagalakan sa amin.

Ngayong college ka na, unahin mo pa rin si God, family at pag-aaral, saka na ang boyfriend. That is true. Tiwala kami na nasaan ka man, kasama mo si God. Always trust in the Lord with all your heart. Never rely on what you think you know and in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

Thanks for your effort in your studies. Alam kong ginawa mo yung best mo.

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Mas dagdagan mo pa ang sikap. Strive for excellence, for this is the will of God. As a token of trust and love, here is a USB flash drive. It can save a lot of data, information, etc. In the same way, accumulate values, knowledge and virtues.It will send a shockwave of desire for you straight to his brain and he will HAVE to have you. In fact, when you do this Do you know your hidden name meaning?

Click here to find your hidden name meaning. And who always will… You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and the finest accomplishment in my life.

palanca letter to my student

You've brought love into my life, a love that will never fade. I remember when you were a little baby, I spent hours just watching you sleep, reveling in the joy and wonder that you have brought into my life. I have enjoyed every phase of your growth ever since. In these years, we have together experienced ups and downs in life.

In many ways, you are like my friend, and my good companion. What a gift life has granted me, and how much I am blessed for having you! My girl, wow, you are 17 now. Do you know that you have surprised me in many ways?

You are beautiful, have I already told you so? You are smart, and a high achiever, you have made me a really proud mom! Best of all, you have grown into a responsible and courageous young woman, with good judgment and character.

My Baobai, as much as I want you to stay close by for college, you have my total trust in whatever and wherever you choose for your future. You know, that feeling? And I remember thinking to myself: So, this is the beginning of happiness. This is where it starts. And of course there will always be more. It never occurred to me it wasn't the beginning. It was happiness. It was the moment.

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Remember, my love will be always with you. Love, Mom. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Palanca is the Spanish word for lever or impact. A Palanca letter is composed to lift up, bolster, and support a companion or relative. Generally given while on a religious withdraw or mission, Palanca letters can likewise be sent to somebody in jail. Whoever the beneficiary, they are inconceivably enthusiastic and elevating. Palanca letters are not horribly long and are dependably profoundly inspiring.

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Palanca letters are composed by one individual to another and the sender does not generally know the beneficiary. The sender never signs his full name, nor does he or she give an address or method for contact.

A Palanca letter can be addressed to the person by name or it could be tended to as indicated by the particular occasion.

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A parishioner on a religious mission could get a Palanca from kindred parishioners offering words of encouragement and support for a favoured adventure.

You could compose a Palanca to somebody in jail as a method for lifting them up in the soul of the Lord. Most people in some bad situations have taken their Palanca letter has a means of hope and they have found some form of happiness after reading the letter. While composing the letter, you should remember how impactful and supportive your words can be to somebody at a low point in their life. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Home How To What is a Palanca letter and how do you write one? What is a Palanca letter Palanca letters are composed by one individual to another and the sender does not generally know the beneficiary. Why do you need to write a Palanca letter? To offer encouragement and hope to someone.

To appreciate a person who has brought joy, happiness or has helped you or your family members. For spiritual lifting To express concern and offer some prayer to someone is a bad situation To share words of wisdom with someone. Palanca letters can be composed to anybody needing support or profound lifting. How to write a Palanca Write the recipient name. Include a salutation. Write why the recipient is valuable and deserves your support.

Offer a gift of prayer or saying a rosary. Sign only your first name, never include an address or way to contact you. When writing a Palanca letter do not forget these things Your letter should be short in length Only address your letter to one recipient Do Not include your last name, phone number, or address You can include a scripture in your letter You could give the recipient a small gift like bible verse bookmark.

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How to Write a Palanca Letter

Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.You have always been such a beautiful, good natured, fun loving and enjoyable baby, little boy and now young man. I am so proud of you and so honored to be your mother. You know Gabe, you have always been a big guy. When I was pregnant with you the midwife was always amazed at how big you were getting inside of my stomach.

And when you came out with much effort! You have stayed ahead of the curve in size for kids your age. I think it is because God has given you a big heart.

You are so full of love and joy you needed a big heart to keep it all in and a big body to hold it all. You are my gentle giant. I know God has a special plan for you and I look forward to helping you figure out what that might be. Always hang on to the memory of these times, remember all that your father and I have taught you, and continue to grow in your Catholic Faith. Dark days will come — they come for all of us — but if you practice your Catholic Faith and continue to grow in love with Jesus and close to the Blessed Mother, you will always get through them.

And always remember, no matter what, your father and I love you very, very much and we are always, always here for you. We love you with all of our hearts. Sirach Chapter 6: 3 My son, from your youth embrace discipline; thus will you find wisdom with graying hair. Then when you have her, do not let her go;29 Thus will you afterward find rest in her, and she will become your joy.

Please browse my eBay items! Visit my new Amazon Store! Your email address will not be published. Keep in touch with My Domestic Church - ideas for keeping the Liturgical year, homeschooling, news and views.

Love, Mom and Dad Sirach Chapter 6: 3 My son, from your youth embrace discipline; thus will you find wisdom with graying hair. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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First Name John. Your email johnsmith example.Whatever else you may think of Steve Jobs, his words in that speech were profound and the message strong and important. I know the request is in the mail and one day the postman will discover my mail box. But I digress.

The school took the boys away on a 3 days retreat to reflect. As part of that retreat parents were asked to write a letter to their sons which was to be given to them on the last day as a surprise. This folks, is my kind of homework. At last I had the opportunity to articulate in the written word, my thoughts, hopes, aspirations and gratitude to my offspring. We were so glad when the school gave us an opportunity to write this letter to you.

By the time you read this your retreat will be almost over and the next phase of your road to the HSC will begin.

We surprised first-generation college students with touching letters from their parents

We know that this is both an exciting and scary time for you. Exciting because the end of your school years draws ever closer and come late November you will be able to ditch the uniforms and structure that has been with you for over twelve years.

But with the excitement, there must also be a degree of trepidation about having to take responsibility for your academic future, about stepping into the adult world and all the inherent responsibility that those steps bring.

palanca letter to my student

You have every right to these emotions — they are a natural part of this phase of your life. As you contemplate your future, we want you to know that we are proud of you. Whilst the journey has not always been easy, the strides that you have made towards maturity and taking ownership of your decisions over the last 18 months or so have been wondrous to watch.

We hope you take with you in life the skills you have learned in baseball. Your baseball talents are many and whilst it has taken a back seat this year because of study, we know that if you want to pour your energies into it, you will succeed.

Whether it is as an outfielder or a pitcher the baseball world is yours for the taking.

palanca letter to my student

But above all, we hope that you keep having fun with baseball. So, as you approach the HSC and the culmination of 13 years of schooling, all we ask of you is that you approach these next six months with a view to doing your best and being the best you can possibly be.

We say this because whilst the HSC is important, life will throw you bigger tests. The mark of a true man is how he faces these tests — results are always secondary. You should obviously aim to achieve the mark you need in the HSC for your chosen field of university study and put all your energy into that aim. However, the HSC is not the only gateway to achieving your academic goals, there are other less direct ways. The HSC gateway though is the one where you play centre stage, where you receive the maximum support and mentorship and takes the least amount of time.

J, the HSC is both a test and an opportunity and we hope you see it as such. Whatever you decide to do after school, we want you to be happy. Look inside yourself and identify your passions, the things that make your soul sing and follow the path where these shall lead.

For this, J is THE secret to happiness and fulfilment. Think big and dream large, your options are many.

How to Write a Confirmation Letter

Thank you for being our son, for adding your uniqueness to our family. Thank you for making us laugh and keeping us on our toes.

Thank you for being responsible and for the most part being a good example to your brother.I ran across something I wrote two years ago, and it caught my eye. They were going on a retreat, and staff and faculty were invited to write a letter of encouragement. Encouragement is one of my very favorite messages to share with someone, so I wanted to save it here….

In moments like these I wish I could find the wisest advice and pass it along to you, so you would have the secret to life, the secret to always being happy, and the secret to success. The secret to all of this is so very complex…and yet so very simple. We will always find moments in life full of laughter, and we will also find moments of great sorrow.

We will find times of success and times of picking ourselves up from failure. We will find times when everything falls into place, and when everything is shattered into a million pieces. Life is full of all these things. Moments when you will soar with love, gratitude and hope, and moments when you will meet the depths of despair. Each moment provides us with a piece of life we will never get back, an emotion to experience to the fullest. In those moments of great sorrow, remember that you will meet moments of great joy later — joy that will be all the more potent because you came through that sorrow.

Remember that there is nothing you will receive in this life that God has not foreseen. And that is the secret, my friend. You have the power. When those moments come when the world does not make sense, when even GOD does not seem to make sense, I hope you dwell on heaven and what the angels must be thinking.

If you only knew how this shapes so much beyond your perspective. I pray that you meet more joy than sorrow, more love than grief, and more peace than conflict. But more than that, I pray you will have the courage to keep the faith when you cannot see around the bend.

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